Thursday 2 June 2016

Landlords & Tenants!

Today, our world, needs a lot of upliftment, value re-instatement and a lot of humanitarian color! As much as there is something to be grateful about in life, there are aspects that always need improvement and strategy tweaking.

 I have lived in Alberta since April 2013. Yes, there have been months which have made me stay elsewhere owing to my business needs. These spans of relocation, though temporary have made me live in Manitoba and BC, in Canada. And there has been a lot of travelling, as well in these last couple of years.

All this travel and relocation adventure has made me aware of various places and cities and with it comes the experience of renting various houses and rooms. My travel sprees have also made me come across various hotels, hostels, Bed and Breakfast locations and short term rentals.

There has been an amalgum of experiences in all these travel adventures. I'd like to share these as posts on my blog here. I have been inspired to write articles or posts about anything related to experience or it's flavor and the topics which may be useful to many!

Today, I take this opportunity to write about landlords who may rent their houses, part of the house or a room to potential renters. Let me write this as a combination of experience and a little feedback as well. This could be a compliment or a recommendation.  I'll highlight the latter part in blue to make it conspicuous.

 I've stayed in various house rentals in the last about 3 years. Let's talk about connection or rapport of the landlord with the tenant. In my own experience this has been from very good to mediocre to not so OK! There have been landlords (whether they stay in the facility or they stay away from the rented property) who have really taken care of the renter. They have communicated very well and have been a help to the renter when needed. Of course it applies mutually too. Every single time, a renter may have a need regarding a certain aspect, they would be around and helping. I've enjoyed living in these properties, the most! And these are memories of a lifetime.

And then, we come down to the section of landlords who just say a "Hello" the time they need to pick up the rent. Beyond that, they are nowhere to be seen. They just treat you as another source of income and not really like a "person" who may wish to relate with them on certain things. These kind of landlords are generally away from the property and tend to count the renters as their streams of income leading to their bank accounts. They certainly are not the bad ones but the ones who really don't do the extra mile for the renters.

And there have been some experiences where some people are unreasonably impolite, rude or un-reasonable.  As an example, I had paid the full month rent till the 31st. I had to leave the property on the 10th. I never claimed the rest of the 20 days rent back, thinking that this wasn't reasonable on my part as I did not give him the notice of the required time which was 30 days. I never claimed my 20 days rent back but I did ask for the refund of the security deposit which was $200. The landlord did not even give my security back saying that I did not give him 30 days notice. He not only kept the whole month rent but also took away my security deposit. And there have been a couple of more experiences in which I have not cherished the landlords' attitude.

Plus and minus comments: For the first type of landlords, the rating in my view is absolutely great. They are not only good landlords but great fellow citizens! All I can say is I would want to become like them. They truly are commendable citizens not only managing their property well but also are great contributors to society!

For the second type of  "Renters- you are a stream of income for us!" landlords, a little communication with the renters (leaving the rent collection email, text or e-transfer etc) can go a long way to build your rapport with people. It not only enhances trust and dialogue with renters (may I be allowed to say 'people' for them?) but it also promotes a sense of satisfaction and goodwill with them. An occasional visit, a friendly call or a text or a friendly conversation is a basic toolkit enhances connection. And a memory of a lifetime! It doesn't cost a cent.

The third type of landlords, I really don't know what to say! Some one else can perhaps comment on such situations and people. I hope I don't find any like those again, futuristically speaking! 

Which type are we?

May be another time I should be writing on the role of renters too. Hopefully I get time to do that.

Warm Regards
Kulbir Singh